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31 Jul 2016
The Joy of Giving

Giving up an elite job, Narayana Krishna now feeds the poor and downtrodden in Madurai, Tamil Nadu. Krishna is an inspiration to all of us. An epitome of kindness and generosity.

Krishna tends to them as a Father would for his child. His foundation the Akshaya Trust feeds hundreds of homeless, elderly people those unprovided for on the streets. Making tears well up in their eyes. Experiencing such kindness and brotherliness from a complete stranger sure is a rare sight for those subjected to utter abandonment, loneliness even contempt from the society. 

Might be Krishna attains much satisfaction and joy from helping those in need than he would have working for greed. A potent decision changing lives of many thousands. 

Indeed a tough act to follow and to walk in his footsteps. Made effortless once the joy of giving is experienced. Giving becomes a habit rather than an obligation. 

Thank you Narayanan Krishna, for your relentless efforts in serving the helpless.

“Happiness doesn't result from what we get, but from what we give.” 
― Ben Carson
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