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6 Jul 2016
Why Police matter? 

Policing a free society is not a job it is only for those zealous enough to help society function better, work with the  community members to resolve budding problems. May it be reporting of petty crimes, intervening in squabble which might have resulted into a havoc if unchecked.

When a man or woman puts on a police uniform, they are highly visible representatives of our government and who we are as a people. They should be the epitome of our nation’s values. When police fail in this, we all stumble. And once we fall as a nation, it takes a long time to get back on our feet again.

Serving as a police officer also requires courage-both physical and moral. In many instances, the latter trait is more difficult than the former. Working odd hours, craving for holidays, playing with fire every day, suffering from stress ailments are just some of the backdrops to a police job.

Only in such a secure environment citizens can go about their daily work and interactions knowing that should trouble arise, their police will fairly and effectively “sort it out;” that order and justice will always be well-served by fair and effective police officers, and that police leaders will always be cognizant of our society’s “big picture.”

Thereby, we express our gratitude to the policemen of our country serving with dedication and commitment towards the well being of our citizens.

Thank You! 

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