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15 Mar 2016
'Animal Lover Coutinho' a reminder for Humanity

Wilson Coutinho Martins of Rio De Janeiro, Brazil is a man who has dedicated his life to saving animals. No matter the depth of wound or how gory the injuries are. This man will go to any extent just to ensure that the life of a sentient being is  saved. 

In a world wherein even Human life is treated in trifles. This man stands as an example for those who still believe in compassion and kindness towards our animal brethren. 

As a species with higher intellegience and technological capabilities we surely have some responsibility towards the animal kingdom. The  human species shares a symbiotic relationship with the kingdom Animalia. Wilson reminded us of our responsibility and the beautiful relationship we share. 

Thank you Wilson! Thank you for representing Human species as a savior of the helpless. We intend to walk in your footsteps towards carving a better world for them. 
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