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Mohanji - An Unconventional Guru


Who is a Guru?
In layman terms a guru is "a religious teacher and spiritual guide". For me this definition of guru is insufficient, adding to it I would say guru is an experience of our inner self. A true guru bridges the physical with the metaphysical merely by his presence.


Personally speaking, Mohanji has given me much. His teachings through practical life experiences conveyed in a straight forward manner, many countless experiences imparted to me by his grace served as a doorway to eternal bliss. His direct approach in eradicating negativity inside, made me ever ready in handling life with all its ups and downs.


Hardworking, focused, unpretentious, honest and above all a ‘True Guru’ who wants nothing, instead imparts only love in return serves as an inspiration for many of us. In a world wherein negativity is bought quickly in fact marketed while positive actions go unnoticed.


Through his foundations such as ‘Ammucare Charitable Trust’ he is working ceaselessly for the impoverished encompassing not only humanity but also our abused animal brethren. By voicing their god-given right to exist.


Offering my gratitude to him. I can only express myself in these two simple but powerful words-: ‘Thank You’!  for catalyzing selfless initiatives benefiting every being. 

Love always...



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